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Javier Nombela, one of those responsible for billing in the four companies of the Pozuelo Group, whose owner was Francisco Correa, has lashed out this Friday before the court in charge of judging the first time of the plot Gürtel (1999-2005) against the administrator of some of these companies, Isabel Jordán, when affirming that she had two credit cards charged to them without the businessman and his ‘number two’, Pablo Crespo, knowing of their existence. In addition, it has affirmed that by their expenses they were on the verge of not being able to pay the payrolls of the workers.

This was said during the session this Friday, in which he continues to answer the questions of the prosecutor Concepción Nicolás, where he wanted to take advantage of to explain how Jordán met the red folder called ‘Special Invoices’ that contained the billing of unrealized work.

The administrator insinuated during her declaration that the Gürtel plot elaborated false invoices in order to record “less benefits” for tax purposes and that she found out about it when Nombela showed it to her, in September 2007.

Nombela has reported that in 2006 the businessman met with him to ask him for explanations of why Jordan could afford the “life train he was carrying”. According to what he said, Correa called him “capricious” and blamed him for Jordan having high-end cars like a Range Rover.

Jordán explained to the judge that in 2006 he changed his car, from the Peugeot brand, to another more “representative” because his superiors told him to change it “immediately” because “it was official.”


The employee told them that he did not know how it was possible that he had that standard of living, but he told them that it could be because of the two credit cards of the company, something that, apparently, surprised Crespo and Correa by not knowing of said plastics.

The person in charge of the billing and financial management of Correa, has emphasized that he was surprised that the partners did not know about these cards, since Jordán had been using them for two previous years. “There have been times when we have had difficulties in paying payroll” due to the expenses of the administrator, as she said.

For his part, the alleged ‘ringleader’ of the network said during his statement that he lost confidence in the former direction of Easy Concept after discovering that he spent with company cards about 400,000 euros in just three months, buying luxury boutiques like Loewe, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. However, Jordán stated that the personal expenses he charged were due to a supplement to his payroll and that Crespo was aware of these expenses.

Nombela has continued his story telling that the next day when he arrived at the office he found an email that said: “Accidents happen more common than you can imagine, be careful who you involve”, something he reported in the Pozuelo police station. Alarcón (Madrid).

The one who was hired to help Jordan in the organization of events – as the accused said the defendant during the day of this Thursday – has said that a few days after all this, the “boss” asked for a copy of the hard disks of the computers of the company, took the folder of ‘Special Invoices’ and “a lot of documentation” and stopped working with Correa.


During this statement, Nombela has stated that Crespo ordered him, starting in 2006, to set aside a series of invoices to pay them later. “But they were accounted the same as the others and declared as the others,” he added.

He pointed out that, although he does not remember what the concepts of these invoices were, he believes that they were relative to events and that he does not know why he was entrusted with this task. In this line, has ensured that Jordán had “perfect knowledge” of this method and that it has been able to verify in one of the conversations recorded by the whistleblower, José Luis Peñas, which has been reproduced during the oral hearing.


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On the other hand, asked about the acts that were contracted with the companies of Correa during the years 2007 and 2008, when the also accused Alberto López Viejo was councilor for Sports of the Community of Madrid, he said that he met during the appearance of Jordán, that she continued to work with the businessman, although her departure had officially taken place.

“It was very surprising but very clear because when Jordán left the company it was a very violent time but then it calmed down, now you understand, he continued working and the other day I found out that he was billing with the Community of Madrid four hundred and a thousand euros”.

In this line, has found that not only the councils that coordinated López Viejo or Carlos Clemente –exviceconsejero of Immigration and Coordination– hired the services of the ‘group Correa’: “They all did,” he added. He also denied that the person in charge of the Community Immigration Department did not charge him “directly” for the events.

Nombela has said that he has no record that any money has been given to Clemente, although in the document in Excel format named as ‘Cuenta Clementina’, which works in the summary of the case, concepts such as “Delivery over” or “Payment Caja B ‘In the same way, it has again insisted that it is not aware of any payment of commissions to López Viejo for the acts ordered, which, according to the indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office, was recorded in the cost sheets with the “several” concept.

Thus, Jordan has been accused that if there was an increase in any of the bills was due to whether the administrator seemed “a lot or little.” This is what she said when the prosecutor asked her about an increase of 300 euros in one of the invoices: “In the cost column the real costs were set, it did not have to be the final price, but Jordan then billed the price that she I believed, “he added.