Adhesive bra

Adhesive bras are the simplest answers to innerwear. Most often, women let their bras dictate their wardrobes. But with an adhesive bra, women have the freedom to dress to their hearts content without any inhibitions. In spite of the technology involved, they are easy to wear and are totally no fuss. With adhesive bras, there will be no awkward situations like straying bra straps, ugly strap marks, tight under busts and peeping back clasps. An adhesive bra with a push up function will only provide astonishing and wonderful results to women who want the best looking silhouettes. The effect of an adhesive push up bra is almost magical.

Nubra has an exciting range of adhesive bras. They are the bras of this generation and their bra cups are second to none. The Nubra Beach Silicone is the latest on the Nubra bandwagon and is ideal for swimwear or any outfit with plunging necklines. The cups are separate and are to be inserted under the cups of your bikini or swimsuit. Their triangular shape allows them to cup the breasts easily, providing a better lift. This beach silicone adhesive push up bra will give your breasts a superb boost and enhance your cleavage. Proper maintenance of this adhesive push up bra will take you a long way.

One can also buy an adhesive push up bra from online stores. The Strap Thickened Push-Up Silicone Bra pledges to make your breasts look fuller. Their silicone cups come in a nude shade giving it a natural look, while their soft texture makes them a part of your body when you wear them. These adhesive push up bra cups feel like second skin but because of their support and lift, you can pull off any backless or strapless outfit with your new and attractive cleavage. The set also comes with transparent bra straps.

Yet another find on the online stores is the Strapless Backless Self-Adhesive Push-Up Breast Enhancer Silicone Bra. This bra has a dual purpose; it can be used as an adhesive bra as well as a breast enhancement for a regular bra. The manufacturers of this bra instruct that to get best possible effects, the adhesive push up bra cups should be worn at the same time. The cups should be pressed to the skin for a few seconds and the edges have to be smoothed out to secure the hold. The way you position the cups will give you the desired breast angle for the cleavage.

Reseau Style Strapless Push Up Silicone Bra will definitely get you a lot of attention. The cups of this adhesive push up bra are slightly thicker than the regular adhesive bra. This will enhance your bust size and its support system will push up your breasts giving you fabulous curves. The cups have a slight curve at the back which allows for a smooth transition from the enhancer to your skin. The inner curves of the cups are lined with cotton, so you can wear them all day long with the same levels of comfort.